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Chris Baird, owner and builder of Arches mandolins is one
of the most highly respected mandolin builders in the
business today. Check out his work - stunning
and terrific
sounding! ( I know because I play one!)
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Elderly Instruments is my first stop for all my musical
needs. Their service is terrific and their staff is
knowledgeable and competent. You can't go wrong
from strings to CDs to high-profile instruments.
If you've ever written anything you know how
much time and effort went into the process. I'm
sure you'll agree it's worth a little effort to protect
your efforts with a copyright.  I do!
Sam Parker's web site! - a nice place to visit
full of home-grown music, poetry, and
musings of my good friend and musical ally.
You don't know him as well as I do-but read on
and you will!  Enjoy!