Milan's Virtual Home

I have no other purpose for this web site other than to share some
of my music with you.  Whether you are a seasoned musician, a home recording hobbyist
or a budding instrumentalist I'm sure you'll find something here that you will like.

I won’t bore you with a lot of biographical stuff
but you may feel free to contact me           and I'll gladly answer
any questions you may have.  Suffice to say I play a variety of instruments and enjoy
writing and recording.  I've played many styles of music over the past 40 years -
from jazz to classical and from folk to rock. Lately I've been focused on acoustic
instruments with strings and frets.

Good fortune smiled on me often - I've shared more than a few great gigs with some top-
notch musicians.  I've learned from them all.

                                  I hope you enjoy your visit!
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